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As a nationally recognized Jewish educator, I have presented my inspirational prayer leading style and innovative curricula at the national CAJE conference, the national Song Leader Boot Camp, Camp Ramah, JEA and USCJ, and at congregational schools across the country. I enjoy sharing, teaching, and learning with students, parents and Jewish educators of all types.


I have a master’s degree in Jewish Education from the Davidson School of the Jewish Theological Seminary, and 2 Bachelors degrees from the List College Joint Program of JTS and Columbia University.


I started my career in Day School, and have since moved my way through the congregational world from Youth Director to Informal Education Director to Education Director, and finally Director of Congregational Learning. My early childhood students think I live in the chapel, and my family knows that I eat sleep and breathe Jewish education!

I am constantly trying to raise the bar for Jewish education. I believe that through innovative curricula, original programming, and high energy community building efforts we can provide inspiration for communities across the country.


Jewish Education is a Living Laboratory.


My educational philosophy stems from this belief in the power of partnership between the educator, parent, student and community. Through exploration, experimentation, and innovation we have the power to inspire.


This educational philosophy centers around meaningful, authentic and applied family-centered experiences for community members. Educational moments that prepare the student for true learning applied in real settings and immersive environments.


If you are interested in creating a workshop or scholar in residence program that focus on this approach, please email me;

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